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Why use GPS in schools?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a natural linkage with GIS as it allows schools to locate accurately positions of local interest and apply them to the provided ArcView GIS mapping software.

There are really four good uses:

1. To actively teach mapping in geography and social studies classes and link new data to existing GIS maps..

2. To promote the application of mathematical understandings in real situations.

3. To integrate field trip data collection for science and social studies, especially geography projects.

4. To add healthy living options that are fun such as orienteering and GeoCaching.

So as a teacher try this out by looking into a practical way to make a real difference in your teaching !

How does GPS work use this to assist you in explaining the math and the principles of location.
Geocaching - the fun begins explore this new sport with your students and/or family.
How do people use GPS in real jobs ? explore how GPS is used in careers
GPS and GIS together explores how you can use your GIS mapping with your GPS
GPS links some other links to get you started.



The unit currently being purchased and used in Nova Scotia schools is the Magellan SporTrax Map bundle with data cable and Mapping CD.

The manual is available on line for more info on this model's use.
(courtesy of Magellan)

FAQs about the SporTrax Map are available here as well.