How GPS and other satellites have changed the face of mapping.

Now that GPS lets us know here everything is, then we can map the earth's surface so much better. We can also link a position to a characteristic or feature. In an urban environment it might be a city intersection or fire hydrant. In a rural environment, it might be a barn, a wharf or a bridge.

To se how the technology of mapping has changed due to GPS, take a look at these two sites:

Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) - take a tour of Canada !


Earth Viewer - choose a satellite and see what it now sees in real time !


GPS Mapping with Geographical Information Systems such as ArcView GIS.

Select an industry to see how GIS is making a major difference in your life today from the ESRI Canada site


as a teacher see what you have in Nova Scotia schools as well as on line support:

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