SporTrak Series FAQ                                        SporTrax Map Manual             

Q: Why does my SporTrak product call my saved points “landmarks” when the manual calls them “waypoints”?
A: The terminology is determined when you select whether the unit is used mainly for land or marine use. “Landmarks” are the term used when the unit is set for land use and “waypoints” is the term used for marine use.

Q: I think I activated the icon to start my mapping program, but now the program gives me an “UNSUPPORTED RECEIVER” message. What do I do?
A: The program you have activated is intended as a firmware upgrade for our Map330 series of units. You do NOT want to use this firmware update in your Meridian or SporTrak model unit as it will render it useless. Please close this program and avoid using any icons loaded to your computer from this CD with “MAGUP” in the title. You actually want to use the icon for the mapping program that looks like a blue “M”, NOT gray colored.

Q: My SporTrak Map/Pro unit will not allow me to load a new map, no matter how small. I had previously loaded a map successfully. What can I do?
A: You can delete the old maps from your unit to facilitate loading of a new map. Simply press the “MENU” button and select “MAP UTILITIES”. Then select “DELETE FILE” and select each map (one at a time) and verify “YES” to clear the map from unit memory. Once the stored map(s) has been cleared, you can load your new map.

Q: What is the purpose of “MAP UTILITIES”?
A: Map Utilities allows you to turn on/off, delete, or change maps (if using MapSend WorldWide) on your unit.

Q: My unit does not appear to be able to find satellites, how can I do to attempt to correct this?
A: You would first clear memory (as this will clear all your previously stored waypoints/landmarks, you may want to save them first). You can do this through the “CLEAR MEMORY” function within the “SETUP” menu. Once memory is cleared, simply reinitialize the unit as if new and set outside for about 10 minutes to collect a new satellite almanac. This part of the process could take up to an hour or so if your unit is over about 2 to 3 years old. It will only require to do this when a new initialization is done. Once this is accomplished, your unit should be computing fixes and operating normally. If not there may be a hardware failure. Please contact us via our Repair Request form for assistance.

Q: How do I reset the “TRIP ODOMETER”?
A: From the page showing the trip odometer, press “MENU” and select “RESET TRIP”. Verify “YES” and the odometer will be reset.

Q: My SporTrak unit seems to be locked and I cannot turn it off. Can I do anything?
A: Try this, press and hold at the same time these keys – “+”, “-“, and “GOTO (looks like a hiker)”. If the unit continues to have a problem, you may have a hardware failure and repair is required. Please contact us via our Repair Request Form.

Q: Will the SporTrak series of units display altitude “below sea level”?
A: No. Our current units are not designed to display altitudes below ZERO feet.

Q: How “waterproof" are the SporTrak models?
A: Our units are currently tested to meet the specification of IEC-529, IPX7 standard. This states the unit will resist water intrusion submerged at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. The water is at ambient temperature (neither artificially heated or cooled) and the unit is at ambient temperature (non-operational).

Q: How do I obtain service for my SporTrak product?
A: Please contact Magellan via our Repair Request Form.

Q: Do the SporTrak GPS or SporTrak Map units work with MapSend DirectRoute?
A: No, the SporTrak GPS unit is not map capable and the SporTrak Map is not supported for this software as the built-in memory is not large enough to be able to load a useable map. However, we do offer a trade-in for customers with these models. You can trade-in your product through our service center to a model that does support MapSend DirectRoute. Simply contact our technical support group at telephone number 800-707-9971 and they can inform you about the options available and at the same time answer any questions regarding the new unit or software. You can also contact them via e-mail.

Q: Can I add expansion memory to my SporTrak model unit?
A: No, the Meridian series of units is designed for the addition of expansion memory, but the SporTrak series is a fixed amount of memory only.

Q: Can I upload maps to my basic SporTrak GPS (yellow and black model)?
A: No, this unit is a basic GPS and is not intended for loading maps. You will want to look at the SporTrak models to find a unit that is capable of loading basic maps.

Q: Can I interface my GPS receiver with a Macintosh?
A: At this time, Magellan products do not support Apple or Macintosh. It may be possible to connect your GPS to a Macintosh computer by searching for connectivity plugins under COM ports or serial ports.

Q: Where can I purchase accessories for my GPS reciever?
A: Contact Magellan customer service at 800-669-4477.

Q: How can I get a Magellan product catalog?
A: If you would like information about Magellan GPS products, contact 800-669-4477 and select the literature hotline to have our product catalog sent to you.