Shake Rattle and Roll !!

This unit of practice is designed around a series of small group activities that will lead the student through a series of associated learning outcomes to develop the major geographic understandings about seismology. These activities are as follows:

  1. Overview  tectonics - earthquake article and class notes (provided) - produce 1 minute radio script on current tectonic event
  2. Geographic Vocabulary - Student produced crossword or word search using provided vocabulary list
  3. Ring of Fire Plotting exercise - review of Lat/Long plus intro of focus vs epicentre concept - produce a map to identify fault zones
  4. Location of Quakes - seismograph interpretations and epicentre location techniques using graphs, scales and maps to plot a location.
  5. ArcView Quake lesson reinforcing geography skills using IT - use your ArcView GIS program to explore tectonics integrating all of above four activities in a student directed package of data and tutorials.

Each of the first four activities may require up to a class period of about 40 minutes, unless assigned as homework as part of a reduced time frame plan. The fifth activity, which also integrates the use of ArcView GIS into your classroom using the prepared ESRI lesson on seismology called "Quake", is done by only one group while the other four are done by all students. The intent is to have students rotate among these first four work stations and one group work on activity five for the duration.

This model is replicated in other topics with available GIS packaged lessons so that all students get to use ArcView eventually over the scope of the course.

Some samples of materials found in many existing classrooms and texts are included here in digital format for identification purposes only, as users should always be using any copyrighted materials such as the seismograph diagrams from their supplied texts.


1. Download and unzip the file to a new folder such as tectonics8 now to have all the needed files in one folder. This way you don't have to do each separately. This does not include the GIS files. If you plan to do that as well, then see #2 below.

2. Download and unzip the to a new folder to include all the lesson files plus the ArcView files for those who have ArcVoyager or ArcView.

            Remember that .doc files open with MS Word, .apr files open with ArcView or ArcVoyager, jpg files open with your image program such as Paint Shop Pro or Painter or whatever program you have associated with jpg files