School Setup of ArcView and Dataset Management Guide - a good place to start for school techs and schools BEFORE commencing their GIS installation.

       LRT Support to use of GIS in Curriculum - support to Geomatics 12 and Jr/Sr High social studies under the Information Economy Initiative  plus an overview of a series of support CDs containing additional datasets of Nova Scotia, organized lessons and data from a range of sources and additional data and programs to support your classrooms outcomes.

       School GIS Links for NS Schools for Teacher PD  - a set of links arranged to assist local PD efforts as well as more exploring of GIS by NS teachers.

        GeoWorld - over 5500 links for history and geography to support your curriculum.

       Download ArcVoyager - a free version of ArcView - a good place to start teachers and students learning about GIS and how it functions.

NOTE: Be sure to install the Special Edition version of ArcVoyager. It is recommended that all use the Special Edition, even if you have ArcView installed as it contains better pre-made Canadian projects. You must use the Special Edition, if you do not have ArcView installed.

        Download ArcExplorer - Similar to ArcVoyager, but a viewer only, yet it does allow you to save the limited alterations you have made. 

       ArcView on line reference materials - a set of downloadable references and on line information that will assist you in implementing GIS in your classroom. mainly a teacher resource, but usable also by students.

       An ESRI Compilation of GIS, Education, and Related Web Sites - a good place to browse and learn more about GIS and GIS related activities.

       Suggestions from on selecting GIS data - how do I select data for my project.

       A Compilation of  Sites highlighting the Uses of GIS today - US based info from University  of Virginia.

       A Compilation of Nova Scotia Communities with Aerial Photographs and local information  - good project site for hot linking your GIS map communities to.
AirScapes Nova Scotia Photographs by
Ron Garnett.