ArcGIS License Activation Process

(Do this prior to running ArcMap or ArcCatalog for the first time)


1.Open your ArcGIS Desktop Administrator program from your Start Programs menu drop downs. Select "Register Now" in Rehgister Single Use and Extension options.


2.  Select "register by email" option as this will provide you with a copy of the license file that the school technician can maintain on a memory key for future installs as well as for safe archiving at the Board tech office. 

A copy of this file should be sent to LRT, Attn: Wayne Hamilton as them LRT can also hold a license copy for future reinstalls in the case that the license gets lost or misplaced.


3. Fill in the two pages with all the required info for your school. Use School Name broken up into two parts for the First and Last name with Board name for Organization for initial registration. Use the Board email for the tech dept as the email in the registration form as this is where the license file will get sent.


4. After completing the license identification info, you will be asked for the registration number. It starts with UNK and has 9 numbers following.

    It is located on the ESRI Canada packing Slip that your Board was provided when the software was delivered. If this is misplaced, then email Wayne Hamilton at LRT for the number.

5. ESRI will email the link to the license file to your email account as identified in your registration information. Once you have received the email and saved the license file, then run the ArcMap or ARcCatalog program for the first time.

   Select the options as shown below.


6.  Select the "received file by email" option as shown below. Then select "Browse"


7.  navigate to the location of the saved license file - it should have an esu9 extension. Click on "Open" to retrieve the file.

8. Once you have the license file path showing in the browse command line, then proceed by selecting "Next".


9.  If all goes according to plan, then you will see the screen below and your ArcGIS software is now activated.


10. You can verify this by once again launching your Desktop Administrator program from your Start - Programs drop down menus and you should now see a fully licensed configuration of your software.