GIS Guides

        A Beginner's Guide to GIS - a document prepared at the University of Michigan depicting the basic concept's of GIS.

       School Setup of ArcView and Dataset Management Guide - a good place to start for school techs and schools BEFORE commencing a GIS installation.

       Installing ArcVoyager Guide - How do I install ArcVoyager on my computer ?

       Installing School Tools  - How to install ArcView K-12 school tools - a must have for the classroom.

     Moving ArcView Projects with the new ESRI Port-A-Project tool  (Recommended as best options for schools)

       Using the Science Dept's Probes for local data collection
- How to calibrate the probes for use in field data collection (see your school's science department)

       Installing Patches - Update ArcView 3.2 on my computer for operating under Windows XP ?

                                     - Update my "Getting to Know ArcView CD ?