GIS in Schools

GIS Support to NS Schools

Learning Resources & Technology has created several CD-ROM support CDs for use in Nova Scotia classrooms. 

You should have the following as of  15 Oct 2001:

  1. The GIS Support CD # 1 dated 28 August, 2000 which has a collection of the ArcCanada lessons with the required data sets organized for your use. It also has PowerPoint presentations, satellite images, downloaded additional free datasets, bookmark files for additional web resources, and other useful additions for use in your classroom as you progress with GIS. All ArcView school's principals were sent this CD in early Sept 2000. New ArcView schools will receive this with their software K-12 bundle.
  2. The NSGIS Data CD#1 dated 28 August 2000 is available to Boards and ArcView schools in NS that have signed their NS dataset agreement. The CD holds detailed files in 1:10000, 1:50000 as well as 1:500000. This first CD holds Nova Scotia provincial data layers such as county lines, road networks, school locations, and a detailed watershed file for all areas. It also holds detailed files for Sackville and Port Hawkesbury with historic and current aerial photography.  Those ArcView schools who do not hold this CD should request an update from their Board as CEO's were all sent this information in early Sept 2000.
  3. A third CD-ROM is being duplicated in early January 2001 for distribution to all ArcView schools. It will be the DataScape CD produced by ESRI. It holds several excellent projects with the datasets for world and global studies. It will be sent under covering letter to your principal by mid January 2001. 
  4. As of Dec 2000, schools who received their ArcView k-12 bundles early in rollout will also be receiving a new text resource with included CD-ROM tutorial once LRT receives them from ESRI. The "Getting to Know ArcView GIS" should allow you to use this as teacher learning resource and assist in your GIS implementation.
  5. A series of three CD-ROMs containing major datasets for the the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has been put together by HRM GIS staff for all NS schools registered as licensed NS GIS Data Agreement schools. These datasets are ideal for urban geography, rural and exurb development projects, historical geography due to the Robie Street transect imagery, with support to all junior and senior high social studies applications. This data was updated for schools from the original used in a summer CCGE workshop and course at MSVU that resulted from excellent cooperation between HRM and MSVU lead by James Rooney at J.L. Ilsley High School, a geography teacher who is also the Atlantic rep for the Canadian Council for Geographic Education.
  6. Those schools who elected to order the ESRI 10x10 datasets under the IEI received them in late November.  Erin D'Alessandro at ESRI Canada worked with DMTI, the data supplier, to enhance the options available for those school orders. The final production was completed mid-Oct with over 66,000 business data sources available to support economic geographic projects in NS classrooms.  Contact for this order is with your Board's IEI coordinator.
  7. NS Geomatics Centre in Amherst has also worked on a sample dataset and imagery for the Economy Falls area to support West Colchester Consolidated School's GIS community initiative. This will be evaluated and become the protocol for other school local projects once completed this school year. Contact on this should be directed to the Provincial Social Studies Consultant, Bruce Fisher.

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