Installing your ArcVoyager Software

It is recommended that you install the Special Edition version, even if you have a full ArcView installed as it holds extra datasets and projects for Canadian schools that are not installed using the regular ArcVoyager version. It can be installed with or with out ArcView.

It is also freeware so it may be placed on any computer and also provided to your students for home use, as you see fit. Hint: Place a few copies in the school library for sign out for a few days to allow students home access.

ArcVoyager Special Edition: This is a locked installation of ArcView together with ArcVoyager,
for use by those who do not have a separate full installation of ArcView GIS version 3. You can
study continents and countries and counties. You can make maps, explore information about
places, add new data, print out maps, and save screen shots. 

Install process:
As with any new software install, it is recommended that you close all open application.  Now navigate to this directory on the CD-ROM: 
[CDROM]:\GIS\VOYAGER\SPECIAL   where CDROM is the drive letter for your computer of your CDROM. You can also navigate visually to the CDROM icon as on a MAC or your desktop, and then open each layer until you have selected GIS, then VOYAGER, then SPECIAL.

* Engage the installer, known as "SETUP.EXE" on the Windows side or "ARCVOYAGER
" on the Macintosh, and follow its directions. 
* The installer will place ArcVoyager application in a folder called "VOYAGER" on your
hard drive. 
* If your computer uses Windows 3.1, find the Program manager window, double-click
ArcVoyager program group and open it. Double-click the ArcVoyager application icon to
launch the program. 
* If your computer uses Windows 95 or Windows NT or Win XP, click the Start menu, Programs, and
click ArcVoyager to launch the program. 
* If your computer uses an Apple interface, then select the ArcVoyager icon on the desktop to launch the program.

Tech Point: On a PC computer, you are required to make one minor modification the first time you run ArcVoyager. When the program starts, you will need to change the Option, Keep Help on Top form the default position to Not on Top.

Note: A series of additional support documents including starting lessons will also be placed in
this directory, so don't be concerned about extra materials.


NON CD OPTION : If you don't have the CD and have a FAST HIGH SPEED connections only, go to

and select the Mac or PC version under the ArcVoyager Special Edition section. It is 37 megs so don't bother if you are on a dial-up !