K-12 Register Image Tool Install

The register tool add an automated functionality to using an existing jpg image in ArcView that assist teachers and students in working with their data. It is designed as a point and click method of geo-registering an image so that other layers may be added to the image for viewing. This allows you to do such things as add digital photos of existing paper arial photos or old historic maps for use in history or geography projects. 

To add this extension to a project, one must first add the K-12 register tool extension ( a mini add-on program) to the ArcView program.

Step One - The Download

First proceed to http://www.esri.ca/k-12/extensions.html#register and select the Download Register Image link.

Then download the register.exe file. Once saved to your local drive, double click on it and allow it to install the register extension to be placed in your C:\ESRI\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\EXT32 folder.

Locate the register.txt file instructions which you should now print out for easy step by step instructions.

Start ArcView and then go to "file" then "extensions" and check "Image to Map World File Creator" and

Then just follow the register.txt file instructions which you should have printed out.


Additional visual step by step instructions will be forthcoming as time permits.