K-12 School Tools Install

The K-12 tools add a great deal of automated functionality to ArcView that assist teachers and students in working with their data. To add this to a project, one must first add the K-12 school tool extension ( a mini add-on program) to the ArcView program.

School Tools Version 1 is found on your LRT Support CD under Tools, but the version on the CD which was created last August, 2000 has now been replaced by the new School Tools 2 on the web ready for download

Step One - The Download

The Original K-12 tools are on your LRT Support CD with all the ArcView lessons and resources. However as of 23 January 2001, ESRI has released SchoolTool2 so it is recommended that you  download  it from the web.

Download your version Windows or Mac by clicking on your version and then using the following instructions (if needed) to complete the download.

Click on "Save File"


Now navigate to the folder where you save your GIS downloaded files or to a temp folder. Click "Save".

Once the file is saved on your computer and the download completed, then close your browser and open your file management program, such as Windows Explorer. navigate to the same folder/directory where you saved the download file "K12Tool2.exe"

Double click on the file "K12Tool2.exe" and it will execute the unzip procedure which will install your application.


When the Unzip box, as seen below appears, select unzip accepting the defaults. If you wish to place it somewhere else, then select "Browse" and navigate to the folder/directory of your choice. The final step will be accomplished in the install process when you get the pop up message as seen below.

Step Two - The Install

Open Your ArcView program and select "open an existing project" as you normally do for already created projects. This step will install the added extension when you open the "installer_win.apr" project file. Select the file and then click on "OK"

ArcView will then activate the project script which will install the extension. Click "OK" on the pop up message box as you can move the whole folder k12tool2 to your GIS folder later for safe keeping.

You will be asked to shut down ArcView so that the extension can be registered by the program. Once done, restart your ArcView and when you start a new project, or open an existing project, you can have the added tools made available by going to "File", then "Extensions" on your ArcView menu bar.

Place a Check in the box in the K-12 Schools V2 Extensions and uncheck the old K-12 School Tools, if you have been using the older version.


NOW you have a whole new set of tools to help you and your students work easier!