Solutions & Hints

This page contains helpful hints and solutions to common situations and problems encountered when setting up and using ArcView and ArcVoyager.

Setting up your school GIS data system

Software Installs

       Installing ArcVoyager Guide - How do I install ArcVoyager on my computer ?

       Installing School Tools  - How to install ArcView K-12 school tools - a must have for student use of ArcView in the classroom.

       Installing Register Tool  - How to install ArcView K-12 registry tool - a must for working with images

Working with your ArcView Projects

  Moving ArcView Projects with the new ESRI Port-A-Project tool  (Recommended as best options for schools)

  Moving ArcView projects from one directory to a new Working Directory using a word processor to assist  Now redone
         - for when you keep getting the "where is this" message on starting up a previous project.
            - to move projects from home to school using Word to transport the file to use at a different site.

  Moving ArcView projects and data using the aprtool from the NS Data#1 CD to a new Working Directory 
        - to copy the whole CD to a server mapped drive and transport the project files as well as the data files correctly
           - to move projects from home to school using the aprtool

Creating a map from X, Y coordinate data using ArcView GIS

Locating Information about what data is on the ArcCanada CDs

Working with your ArcView Data in preparation for classroom lessons

  With prepared lessons from the LRT Support CD. Now redone

  With your own lesson using data from ArcCanada or other CDs  Now redone

Working with Data in E00 format

   Working with E00 data files - Converting E00 file data to shp files  (Note: ignore all after ArcView section for other GIS programs)

Using E-STAT on line data with ArcView  

E-STAT is Statistics Canada's interactive learning tool, available free on-line to all schools now. Some schools may still have the CD-ROM (Windows) designed specifically for the education community and it will still work. For details on the CD-ROM, ESRI still has detailed instructions, but follow Part 1 directions only. 

E-STAT gives subscribers access to an incredible amount of data and ArcView has powerful mapping and manipulation capabilities.

2001 Census Divisions, Provincial Boundary and Population 2001 shp files - Statcan release June 19th, 2002 - download now.

Virtual GIS Campus

Learn more about GIS by trying the first module of several GIS courses at ESRI's Virtual Campus - free !